Trust in Biopharma?

In the Introduction to “The Doctor Won’t See You Now” you’ll read my case demonstrating biopharma industry value to patients. We’ve been very productive and useful to millions yet we remain often reviled. “Silence like a cancer grows.,” said Paul Simon. So why don’t we work harder to communicate our real value to the public and earn greater trust from our customers, trust born from consistent, genuinely customer-centric, reliable work with them? In this book available at Amazon, you’ll learn how you can provide genuine value and regain customer trust. Serve them well. Scott #pharmaceuticalindustry #biopharmaceuticals #pharmaceuticalcompanies

“The Doctor Won’t See You Now” was just made available on Amazon!

“Be one with the tortoise,” I’ll tell my team on occasion. Helpful words for me as well.

Plan it, do the research, write it, publish it, market it, blog about it, and hopefully a few people will want a copy. The road was long, sometimes curvy, and often uphill. The hills (incidentally, these are where I learned the most along the way) are declining in grade severity now as the book is finally on Amazon. More copies were sold in the first 12 hours it’s been on Amazon than I sold in the entire month of December. Looks like Bezos’ reach is broader than mine — the hills are smoothing out some.

Pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers, as they have for decades, employ sales representatives and task them with developing business. For representatives to achieve their objectives sales leaders often purchase information and services from other companies that provide them customer lists, appropriate geographic territories and the ideal representative count appropriate for the market and product to be marketed. The dilemma facing many sales leaders today is that first item; customer lists. Are those customers employed by:

  • a health system,
  • an academic health system,
  • a federal (VA or DoD) health system,
  • a completely integrated delivery network (e.g. Kaiser Permanente),
  • a group clinic?

The plausibility they’ll welcome your representatives, their marketing messages, samples, lunch offerings, clinical studies or PI references is, at best, remote.

So how do representatives connect with these customers and develop business that’s beneficial for the customer and the manufacturer? It is possible. That’s why I wrote the book, “The Doctor Won’t See You Now.” In it you’ll learn why the industry is often shunned by health care providers and their leaders, how to assess your product and company culture for the health necessary to effectively develop mutually beneficial business, and many action items you can take to connect with these customers, provide them genuine value and… you guessed it, develop mutually beneficial business.

The tortoise was consistent, methodical, deliberate, focused, persevering, patient and calm. And he was not slow. At the finish line, he was faster than the hare, because he focused on his work and methodically doing all of which he was capable. Biopharma representatives are extremely capable, well-educated, ambitious workers with incredible talents. However they’re talents can go wasted and motivation sapped as they’re often directed down paths of futility. This book is for them, and their leaders, that we may all go down paths not of futility, but of utility; utility to our customers and our business development by optimally serving our customers and their patients.

Enjoy the book — much more to come.  Scott