Rep: “Trust me!” Customer: (hmmm…)

Trust – the concrete foundation of sustained business development. Do biopharma manufacturers’ customers trust us? Generally, they do not. “High levels of distrust make it incredibly challenging for pharma companies to communicate the good they contribute to society. What’s more, efforts to become truly patient-centric, and customer-focused companies will be hampered if patients and key stakeholders fail to trust them.” [“GSK’s New ‘Ethical’ Customer Approach – Is it Delivering? (white paper)]  

Brene Brown’s (Ph.D and shame/vulnerability researcher from the University of Houston) daughter had a teacher in school that used a marble jar. The class collectively made a good choice, the teacher put a marble into the jar. The class made poor choices, the teacher removed a marble from the jar. When the jar was filled, the class enjoyed a big party. This is the best metaphor I’ve heard to represent how trust is built — many small, but significant, trust-building acts over time. Representatives and companies that recognize the priority of trust in building business, I propose, are more likely to achieve their desired outcomes than representatives and companies that don’t prioritize trust-building.

Learn how you can earn customer trust in “The Doctor Won’t See You Now,” available at Serve them well. Scott #pharmaceuticalindustry #biopharmaceuticals #earntrust #genuinevalue #professionalpersistence 

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