“Sorry (Pharma Rep) — we’re not permitted to meet with you.” How to “Call” on Your Customers

“…(today) a medical assistant told me and [a colleague] that her employer, a growing health system with dozens of clinics and several hospitals, has a policy of no contact with vendor representatives due to the perception of favoritism possible with such meetings.” Today, these policies are ubiquitous. Are you equipped to call on these customers? Step one – don’t “call” on them — meet with them.

Think of your first meeting with a customer as just that; a meeting. Do not think of it as just another call on a customer. Today you either provide customers genuine value or you’re an obstacle to them in which case they will not meet with you. Then where is your potential for healthy business development? It’s always a meeting you’re working to get. Meetings imply value to both parties. Get the meeting, plan for it and execute it well. Now you’re earning trust, proving you’re credible and you’re on the road to business growth.

Execute your initial meeting well, then calls may be appropriate. But don’t lose sight of this fact — every customer will always ask herself prior to meeting with you, “why do I want to meet with this person?” Think carefully about your answer. Does your answer benefit her? Or does your answer really benefit you? Meetings benefit both parties.

“The Doctor Won’t See You Now,” available at Amazon, can equip you well to connect with, and bring genuine value to your customers. Serve them well. Scott #pharmaceuticalindustry #biopharmaceuticals #healthsystems

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